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DEWA Phuket is supporting our efforts to bring about positive changes to the environment at Nai Yang Beach and Sirinath
National Park

Sustainable Smiles is incorporated with the State of Montana and a 501c non-profit organization.




Wat Mongkol School Education Program


June - December, 2010, Phuket, Thailand

Environmental education program for students at Wat Mongkol School at Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand. For this program we taught over 70 students, ages 10-12 about the environment and environmental issues Thailand is facing. Our objective was to improve students' knowledge about their local environment and show students sustainable practices they can do to help protect the Planet while involving them in projects that benefit their local environment and community.

  Wat Mongkol School




Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Clean-up


September, 25, 2010

Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand


On September 25th, 2010 we organized a beach cleanup in partnership with Indigo Pearl Resort for the Ocean Conservancy's 25th Annual International Coastal Cleanup (  Close to 300 people joined us for this event, including staff from Indigo Pearl, Adamas Resort and Spa, DEWA, Nai Yang Beach Resort, Home & Life Orphanage, local residents, the local government, the Professor of Aquaculture and Aquatic Resource Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, and our students from Wat Mongkol School.

For this worldwide event, our cleanup participants filled out data cards to record the number and type of trash collected to be sent to the Ocean Conservancy to compile a worldwide report of marine debris. Over 105 trash bags weighing a total of 1250 kg were filled. The day was also marked by a small display created by our students at Wat Mongkol showing artwork made from marine trash showing how 'nurdles' (preproduction plastic pellets) end up in our oceans and beaches and the negative effects these small plastic pellets have on marine life.


Beach Clean Up





Environmental Education Program for Thai & Burmese Students


Thai Muang, Thailand

January - February, 2010


An 8 week program designed to teach students in an outside the classroom about their local environment and sustainable practices. Over 200 students, ranging from ages 6-12, were involved in this program from 4 different schools in Thai Muang District, Phang-Nga Province. Students also took part and helped us with our Thai Muang Beach Clean-up Project.









Thai Muang Beach Clean-up


January, 29th, 2010

Cleaned up 5k (3 miles) of beach with the help of over 350 students and community members and provided 50 garbage and recycle bins to be placed along Thai Muang Beach with pictures and environmental messages designed by students from local schools. Our students and guests from Wonpanit Recycling, Department of Fisheries, and the local government helped us bring awareness to the community about the importance of protecting the biodiversity along Thai Muang Beach, the effects litter has on the environment, and the importance of recycling.

Donations raised: $3,500

Sponsors: The Bridge of Life; Indigo Pearl





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