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DEWA Phuket is supporting our efforts to bring about positive changes to the environment at Nai Yang Beach and Sirinath
National Park

Sustainable Smiles is incorporated with the State of Montana and a 501c non-profit organization.




Start!Now Sustainability Contest


2012 - Austria


In partnership with Vossen and Leiner and supported by the Federal Department of Education, the Start!Now program is for participating business schools in Austria to design their own video on what is ‘sustainability in your personal setting’.   Sustainability is a complex term that globally is not well defined.  With this program students are challenged create messages showing others what they can do to be sustainable.   Twenty-four schools in Austria participated in the 2011-2012 program with their videos receiving over 20,000 views on YouTube and Facebook.  The grand winners, with their video "We BeLeaf" from the business school BG Stegersbach, won an all-expense paid environmental trip to Montana, US, where they learned about the land, people, and concept of sustainability in another part of the world. Through our partnership with Vossen we hope to involve others in promoting environmental education for youth, ‘our leaders of tomorrow’.


Watch the 2012-2013 Start!Now videos:


The winners on September 2012 Trip to Yellowstone Park, USA



Community-based Ecotourism Development Project in Cambodia



2011- Present

Kratie, Cambodia


Sustainable Smiles has been working with Wetlands Alliance and their local partner Cambodia Rural Development Team (CRDT) on product development for community based ecotourism development on Koh Rongnieu Island, Kratie Cambodia. We have been working on participatory based approaches for the development of a community vision and needs assessment from the villagers' perspective for appropriately designed products aimed to maintain the numerous provisioning, regulating, and cultural benefits identified by the villagers. This has been successful in developing a framework for identifying capacity building needs of stakeholders, proposing new and improved products, improving knowledge transfer, and developing short and long term strategic action plans.





Student Action Program (S.A.P.)


Thalang, Phuket, Thailand


S.A.P. is designed to empower students to improve the environment or solve an environmental issue in their local community. Students must design and implement their own community-based environmental project with participating stakeholders.  Through this program students conduct questionnaires and surveys, collect secondary data, interview locals, and develop a project plan based on time, budget, and needs assessment.  



Our first S.A.P. program was completed in February, 2011 funded by Seedlings of Change ( and Indigo Pearl Resort ( we are now looking for new sponsors to fund another S.A.P. program for the upcoming year.




Environmental Workshops


June 2010 -- Present


Environmental workshops for hotel staff and community members to learn about the effects of tourism, importance of biodiversity, environmental threats, and ways businesses and communities can work together to protect their local environment. Specially adapted and catored towards local issues and needs, these workshops also provides us an opportunity to learn about the local concerns and develop new projects that address the environmental, economic, and social needs of communities. 






Sirinath National Park Waste Management Research





Nai Yang Beach, Phuket



As the beaches in Sirinath National Park (Nai Yang, Mai Kow, Sai Gaew, and Naithon) are seeing a steady increase in tourism and development, we are doing a research project to identify the environmental problems and anthropogenic threats this area is facing in order to mitigate and develop action plans to protect the biodiversity and natural resources in this area.  Master degree students from the Asian Institute of Technology are helping us with solid and liquid waste management research and Dewa Phuket is providing us with a base to conduct our research.  

Nai Yang Beach Phuket










Support for Home & Life


A place for children who need a safe and caring place to call home in Phang-Nga, Thailand.


Home & Life supports between 20 to 25 children who are either orphans from the 2004 Tsunami, come from broken families, or have parents who are too poor to support them.  Working with Home & Life since 2008 we have supported projects in their sustainable and successful efforts to support children in a family and community-oriented environment. We can now help arrange volunteer programs for travelers who are looking for a wonderful opportunity to volunteer with projects such as English education, social enterprises, organic gardening, composting, fish ponds, and much more.

To learn more about Home & Life visit their website:




Cultural & Environmental Presentations for Montana Students



Presentations for students in participating Montana schools designed to show students cultural, economic, and environmental issues Thailand and other Asian countries are facing and compare these issues to our own in Montana. We would like to connect our Montana students to other places in the world by showing them similarities and differences in cultures and environmental problems people face around the world. We would also like to encourage Montana students to continue to learn about the world and understand people from different countries, cultures, and ways of life. Together we can share the same common goal to work together to SAVE THE PLANET.

In addition, our presentations are designed to:
1. Show Montana students activities and sustainable practices other students are engaging in around the world to help save the Planet.
2. Explain to students the importance of conserving biological communities.
3. Encourage students to participate in environmental activities at an early age as they will help determine what happens to our Planet in the
years to come.
4. Show Montana students the things they can do to minimize their impact on the environment.
5. Introduce concepts of collaborations and integrated approaches.

If your school is interested in this program please contact Kelly Franklin at




Volunteer Programs for Academic Scholars


Emerging the gap between academic research and local grassroot initiatives, we have been striving to set up volunteer programs for doctoral, master, and research students to gain experience in the field and combine their research skills. To date we have worked with 18 master and doctoral students from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand on projects in Cambodia and Phuket for environmental education, community based organizations, ecotourism, sustainability indicators, and waste management. We would like to thank Dewa Phuket for their sponsorship and support in these programs.