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DEWA Phuket is supporting our efforts to bring about positive changes to the environment at Nai Yang Beach and Sirinath
National Park

Sustainable Smiles is incorporated with the State of Montana and a 501c non-profit organization.








Sustainable Smiles is a non-profit organization that promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability and appreciation for nature in communities around the world. Founded in 2009 and registered as a 501(c)3 in Montana, USA, Sustainable Smiles works to facilitate the development of sustainable and environmentally active communities through participatory based approaches, knowledge transfer, research, and environmental education.  Our focus is to empower student and stakeholders to manage and preserve the integrity of their environment for future generations.

Today more than ever, environmental threats such as over-exploitation, pollution, development, deforestation, erosion, and global warming are leading to potentially irreversible harm to our environment and livelihoods.  Sustainable Smiles continually works to instill in students and local community members an overall understanding and appreciation for nature while showing them how to minimize adverse actions and promote environmental safe practices.  By providing local community members with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to work together to solve environmental issues, we strive to strengthen their capacity to implement effective management strategies.  We believe that education and empowerment is the first step that leads to positive change, sustainability, and effective decision making.


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NEWS FLASH November 6 , 2012


Start!Now Sustainability Winners 'We Beleaf' join us in Montana
The grand winners of the Start!Now sustainability contest in Austria, with their video 'We Beleaf', set out with us for an adventure packed and inspirational week of exploring the Greater Yellowstone's truly great outdoors. Our partners in developing this program, Vossen and Leiner, sponsored the eight students and their teacher and school director to gain a different global perspective about sustainability in the outdoors of Montana. These accomplished students from BG Stegersback business school of higher education in Austria, having never hiked off trail, saddled up on a horse, or paddled down a river, showed us their outgoing sense of adventure and true appreciation for nature. The trip included hiking, horseback ridding, rafting in the wilderness, and exploring parts of Montana's history and people. One of the highlights was also visiting Gardiner High School and presenting and discussing topics of sustainability while sharing school life experiences in very different parts of the world.

There are many approaches to education and developing life skills. We firmly believe that combining education with the outdoors at any age can be one of the most influential experiences to someone's life.



Community-based Ecotourism Development Project, Cambodia
Working with Wetlands Alliance and their local partner Cambodia Rural Development Team (CRDT), we are working on a variety of product development programs for community based ecotourism to enhance biodiversity conservation, livelihood development, and education on Koh Rongnieu Island, Kratie, Cambodia. Located on the Mekong river this remote Island consists of a population of around 800 families who make their living off of rice farming, fishing, and other labor activities. However, issues such as poverty, biodiversity loss, overfishing, and lack of educational opportunities make community based ecotourism a potential tool for sustainable development. Through participatory based approaches we have engaged local villagers and students in development of a community vision, needs assessment, and recommendations for short and long-term plans, as a bottom up approach to empower the local community to pursue their own development agenda.

NEW Dec 17, 2012!

Click to Read Summary Report: > 'An integrated and participatory approach for sustainable community based ecotourism development on Koh Rongnieu Island, Cambodia'


February 1, 2011


Student Action Program, Thailand

After nearly four months of planning, our first group of S.A.P. students from Technical Thalang College in Phuket, Thailand have implemented their environmental project with funding supported by Seedlings of Change and Indigo Pearl Resort. Our students felt it was important to focus their project on educating younger students on how they can help take of the environment. They organized an all day environmental education event at Muang Mai School to teach students age 10-12. By designing five different stations and other activities including song, dances, and games, our S.A.P students taught younger students about global warming, reducing consumption, sustainable products, recycling and plastics, making lifestyle changes, and much more!.  


Our second group of S.A.P. students successfully researched, networked, and budgeted a mangrove reforestation project at Phuket National Parks Research Center in Phuket. The S.A.P students planted over 300 mangrove trees and invited 50 younger students from That Chat Chai school to learn about the importance of mangrove trees and their unique ecosystem.


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    We are a 501(c) tax exemption nonprofit organization; any donations you make are tax deductible. We value any small contribution you can make and you can be assured that 95% of your donation will go directly towards our programs. Thank You